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Discover the smartest waste management solutions with 3RM.

Become a Better Ecosystem, Together.

We contribute to a smarter, greener and litter free ecosystem either directly to the society or inderictly through eliminating pollution from waste and general livelihoods

Owenserhip. Innovation. Humility

We’re Changing the Way India Thinks About Waste

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Solid Waste Management

Betting on Recovery

In the current innovation enabled age, waste, water & energy can be all recovered. From every little thing that has been discarded and can be converted to valuable resources. 3RM embodies this today and the future of technology by identifying & prioritizing growth opportunities in deploying solutions for waste, water, and energy recovery.

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Smart BioCNG

Betting on the future

3RM's expertise enables partnered stakeholders to develop and implement the most advanced and highly efficient organic biodegradable waste processing plants to generate biogas. It is always an economical and pragmatic option to deal with organic biodegradable waste to generate fuel in the form of biogas and the residual nutrient-rich fertilizer.

Industries Served


Pulp & Paper


Power Generation




Pulp & Paper

Smart Waste Management

Betting Smart

Revolutionizing the circular economy by closing the loop digitally. 3RM's software and IoT solutions are real-time and help cities/municipalities/societies/institutes predict and plan waste loops.

The goal is to eventually consume without wasting any extra resources. Smart technology enables users to understand and analyze feedback data and patterns in order to be waste-ready.

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Trusted by the Best

With the Right Partner, Everything Is Possible.

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