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Smart Waste Management


Eco-connect is a platform on cloud and available on Mobile App, which helps in managing waste management operations smartly then ever. It connects all the infrastructure including Ecosmart Bins, Compactors and Service Men via Internet of Things (IOT). You can optimize waste collection efficiency and monitor various parameters on the fly thereby reducing cost and making the surroundings clean and healthy.

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Monitor & track

Monitor and optimize waste collection routes, check historical data, locations, an,  fill levels, fire alarms and many other important parameters.

Get advanced analytics.

More and more data enables the software to provide intelligent reports and suggestive actions.

Ecosmart Bins

Ecosmart Bin

Ecosmart Bin is solar powered touchless compactors, which can hold waste upto 800% more then the conventional bins. This reduces the requirement of more bins and reduces collection frequency to the same extent. The Ecosmart Bins  have propreitory compaction mechanism and are completely touchless to operate.

  • Compatible with 120 litre and 240 litre wheeled bins
  • Ultrsonic level sensors, proximity and fire sensors
  • Connected with Ecoconnect Cloud based platform
  • 3 phase advertisement panels

Ecosmart  Bins UG are underground waste container system with hydraulic mechanism, which lets municipalities keep the community clean and aesthetic. The system helps cities have a clean, ecofriendly and aesthetic look and provide advantage of easy collecting. The system is connected with a hydraulic jack to lift and empty it above the ground. Like other model this is also connected with ultrasonic level sensors, proximity sensors and  fire sensors and communicates its status real time to Ecoconnect cloud based waste management platform. Above ground platform is strong enough for people to walk on.

Ecosmart Bin


Along with smart traffic, smart lighting, and smart energy, smart waste is an integral part of any smart city. Our offerings are fully stacked and vertically integrated so everyone sees and feels the direct benefits of using our solution.

Whether it’s a mall, convention center, airport, or office complex, Ecube waste management solutions have saved millions of dollars for clients by reducing the cost of their waste management operations.

Whether it’s a university campus, theme park, hospital, or zoo, Ecube Labs has provided custom deployments to clients that had a myriad of different needs. The cost benefits and environmental benefits that are seen in large-scale municipal or commercial deployments are replicated just as well on a smaller scale.

Whether it’s a mom ‘n’ pop hauler, a municipality, or a major waste management company responsible for several counties, our solutions have provided insight into their operations, pinpointed areas for efficiency improvements, and improved performance in several key areas of fleet management.

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