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Horticulture Waste Management

GWR™ - Garden Waste Reprocessor

GreenRE™ (H) is a fully automatic, remotely monitored Green Waste Reprocessor (GWR™) based on CSMC principle, converts horticulture/green waste into high grade Biofuel or Compost.

The Biofuel produced in the process has high calorific value and very less ash content. The high quality Compost provides very good nutrients and structure to the soil and holds moisture for prolonged time.

3RM is pioneer in Garden Waste Management and OEM of GWR™ machines.

** GWR™ is a trademark of 3R Management.

Working Principle

The Crushing-Steaming-Microbial Treatment-Compression principle is the key aspect of the technology. Crushing horticulture waste as a first step provides fine quality input for producing biofuel and biomanure in dual mode operation. While steaming and drying is significant to biofuel, microbial treatment in defined temperature range is the key for producing biomanure. The final compression step produces biofuel pellets. Also this high duty crusher unit crushes all type of horticulture waste including leaves, twigs & branches etc.

The machine has various types of sensors connected with micro controller allows it run in the auto-mode. All sensors and motors operating machine components are connected with the Micro Controller (PLC). The PLC powers the Remote Monitoring System (RMS) on Mobile Application. The HMI touch screen displays all machine operating parameters and buttons for machine operation. The Humidity sensor determines the moisture required in the chamber. The thermostat keeps track of the required temperature of the chamber and regulates the Vapor Chamber temperature accordingly. The overload function, auto removal, auto-stop makes highly safe for the user.

This is state of the art machine built with finest workmanship and all high quality mechanical, electrical and electronic components covered under OEM warranties. It has been built with good quality soundproof material, which keeps the noise level very low upto 50 DB. The machine works on 3 phase and 220 volt with varying loads starting from 10 HP based on the processing capacity.

3RM Mobile App

Provides the statistics of the different quality scores and the scoreboard can provide information on various aspects of operational efficiency.

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