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Garden Waste at NDMC Parks

GWR™ at 4 NDMC Parks

Delhi generates almost 11000 tons of waste everyday which is growing with ever growing infrastructure, population and other factors.  There are many parks covered by various authorities in delhi which generates huge amount of garden waste, which is managed by transporting to the landfill, burning at site or dumping at site only to rot and create nuisance and pollution. Not only the landfill creates pollution but the transport also creates pollution and traffic issues on the road.


The garden waste which is generally burnt or transported to the landfill is a matter of concern. Each big park generates from 1 ton upto 10 tons of horticulture waste every day. If this could be addresses its innovative model, it would save environment by diversion from landfill, remove trucks from the roads and stop burning at site. NDMC took the initiative and tied up with Nokooda Solutions System, a subsidiary of 3RM to provide a solution.


NSSPL provided a decentralised model of addressing garden waste to convert it to a biofuel and compost at site only. NDMC deployed such plants of 2 metric tons of waste processing capacity at 4 major parks in delhi namely Lodhi Garden, Talkatora Garden, Nehru Park, India Gate Nursery. NSSPL deployed these projects which are running successfully currently as well. 3RM operates and maintains these projects currently.