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Leh Ladakh City Waste Management

Leh, a high-desert city in the Himalayas, is the capital of the Leh region in northern India’s Jammu and Kashmir state. Tourism is at its peak currently in Leh.

There is not even a single tourist place in India that has not either been vandalized or polluted by people. Places that are not so famous are clean while the well known tourist destinations are as polluted as any other metropolitan city.  The same effect can be seen in Ladakh as well. Pollution, garbage, traffic snarls.


Tourism in Leh is at peak currently and so the pollution of land, air and water. Flying chips packets, empty water bottles, poly covers are now becoming a common sight on both the roads leading to this paradise. More people are eventually resulting in ruining the beauty of Ladakh. It is as if we just do not care about anything but our own homes. We do not think before throwing a water bottle out of a moving car or throwing an empty packet up in the air. Within the walls of our own house, we do not even let dust settle over anything but out there, in the society, around the ancient monuments and beautiful regions we ourselves become the dirt that pollutes. The rising piles of garbage, traffic pollution has already set off the alarm bells. The city produces upto 50 tons solid waste per da and so far all is thrown across hills leading to dangerous pollution and threat to tourists and vegetation.


The city produces upto 50 tons solid waste per day and all of it i thrown across the hills in an unauthorised manner. Authority has tied up with 3RM to install and maintain an advanced solid waste management project which could take care of daily waste and gives city a cleaner and tourism friendly face. This plant when completed entirely in all phases will be one of its kind operating completely on renewable energy and remote monitored sitting anywhere across India. Not only infrastructure but 3RM is also tying up with the authority and other related departments to put forward campaigns aiming at changing behaviour of tourists and local to imbibe principles to reduce and recycle waste.