The Waste Conundrum In India

As of 2020, Government of India data indicates that on a daily average close to 1 Lakh 40 thousand and some change tonnes of solid waste are produced from the domestic sector. Out of which 60% of the waste are processed leaving behind close to 44,000 tonnes of unprocessed waste daily. That monthly mountain is close to 13 Lakh 47 thousand tonnes of unprocessed waste and in a year summits to close to a whopping 1 crore 62 lakh and 66 thousand tonnes of unprocessed waste. Unfortunately, this entire burden of waste finds refuge in landfills and on the government's mind in form of a serious headache.

To put things into close perspective, 1 lorry/truck of standard size in India can hold close to 4 tonnes of solid waste. By this horror, close to 40 Lakh 41 thousand lorry/trucks standstill with the unprocessed waste throughout the year. An enormous amount of pressure, therefore, is being exerted onto landfills and it is regretful to imagine that India is completely ignoring the vast potential of unutilized energy feedstock sitting idle in the laps of the landfills.