COP 26- India to go Carbon Neutral by 2070- Analysis

COP – Conference of the Parties is a summit that hosts parties that have signed the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change – a treaty that came into force in 1994. This year, COP26 - annual UN Climate Change conference took place from 31st of October to 12th of November, 2021 and was jointly hosted by UK and Italy in Glasgow, UK. COP26 was anticipated to be one of the most crucial summits after the Paris Agreement because it was the first time when countries aimed to set comprehensive and promising goals for ending their contribution to climate change under the Paris Agreement.

Under the Paris Agreement, for the first time all participants of the summit unanimously agreed to restrict increase in the global temperature to degrees below 2 and also aimed to extend efforts in restricting the increase beyond 1.5 degrees. Along with this, the parties of the summit also agreed upon drawing a plan of action for the next couple of years and had committed themselves to review these plans in five years of time.

Therefore, COP26 was critical because this year all countries were invited to reflect on their actions towards reducing greenhouse gas emissions and were optimistic about setting more ambitious goals for the countries to strive for.