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The Most Efficient Waste Management Solutions for Modern Ecosystem

Our ecosystem's capability of regenerating is limited...

Luckily, our Recycling vision isn't.

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At 3RM, we strongly believe that the resources of this planet are limited. With countries racing towards climbing the growth curve, we often forget the most elementary learning- "Rising Growth equals Rising Waste".

At 3RM, every year we collect, process, and market close to thousands of tonnes of recyclable. We are equipped to handle any kind of materials - from paper, steel, wood to construction waste. The possibilities are limitless.   

We process materials that form the first glance look impossible to recycle.

Our         of Recycling

Waste Transportation & Collection

Our entire world of recycling starts here. We enable societies with digital waste collection and logistics solutions. 


Sorting & Segregation

Not only do the industrial and commercial sectors take advantage of our expertise but also the public and local municipalities. 

Value Recovery

This is where the magic happens. We are constantly in the pursuit of identifying technologies so that more and more raw materials can be recovered and returned to the beginning of the loop.


Scientific Landfill

This is for the responsibility which we owe the environment. We work with stakeholders so that untreatable waste is disposed of with international and national standards.

Waste We Heal...

Bulk Items

Commerical Solid Waste

Recylable Materials



Yard Trash

Image by Alfonso Navarro

For a better world

Advancing a sustainable business and a more circular economy

Our fierce commitment to sustainability not only reflects our core value as a company, but also our passion as a responsible, inclusive global citizen

Hazardous Waste

Construction & Demolition Materials

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