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Waste Collection &Transportation 

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GPS Enabled Fleet &
Route Mapping

The complete fleet is embedded with modern state-of-the-art GPS tracking features, enabling infrastructure moderators the power to plan and optimize waste pickup and collection.

Planning are automated and optimized by combining Smart Waste Management System- WastePro and Driver Navigation App. Data are tracked and captured with the aid of sensors and RFID's

RFID & QR Code Tagging

Automatic service verification is available for all tagged bins using an RFID reader. The Waste generators are also tagged with RFID and the collection from each point is monitored through RFID readers fitted in the vehicles.


RFID reader provides contactless access to bin details and allows for pickup recording. All data is sent to the 3RM  backend. 


Deployment can also be achieved through QR Coding and Mobile App as a reading mechanism

Remote Access Monitoring

WastePro helps in remotely monitoring operations, planning and execution of waste management assets and infrastructure. 

Vehicle movements are monitored and automatic intelligent reporting are reported & analyzed with the supervisors and the business owners.

With RouteHub ensure to eradicate overhead waste cost by planning routes and effeciencies.


of India's waste is
collected at the wrong time 

Too Late

Non-Smart waste bins often overflow therefore leading to illegal dumping of waste. This adds on to additional costs and resources for municipalities.

Too Early

If containers are empty at the time of collection, which often occurs owing due to lack of data & sensors, resources and time are wasted.

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Service bins efficiently and eliminate waste overhead cost by unleashing a dynamic waste collection & routing tool. 

Dynamic Route Assistance with turn by turn directions

Routehub uses contextual geographic insights to aid driver and minimize interactions

Route Hub makes it easy for drivers as the app lets you know when a trash is ready for pick-up

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RouteHub 4.0

Bulk Waste

Commercial Solid Waste

Yard Trash

Recylable Materials

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