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We transform ideas into sustainable waste management solutions.

& Segregation

Taking Charge

We understand that "Circular Economy" is just not a buzzword and is a strong business imperative for now and in the future. At 3RM, we partner with you to ensure that the material discarded every day should be utilized to its absolute maximum potential. In today's age and technology, extraction, and repurposing of discarded materials have an assuring economic and ecological impact.  

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Challenge & Identify new revenue stream for your business with 3RM

It is estimated that about 10% of discarded waste is metal. If these aluminum, steel, and copper products are recycled, it enables us to reduce over 1.8 million tons of greenhouse gases every year. That is the equivalent of removing close to 2,00,000 cars from Indian roads.

Let's Talk Trash

The first rule of Trash Talk is to learn the lingo.

Bulk Items

Recylable Materials


White Waste

Commerical Solid Waste

Special Waste



Hazardous Waste

Yard Trash


Construction & Demolition Materials


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