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About Us

The dream behind the mission
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Our Story

3RM was founded in Delhi, India in 2014

The waste management industry has unfortunately been redundant in innovations for thousands of years. Keeping alive the medieval practice, modern societies around the world till date dispose of wastes into landfills, burying them in the ground and then completely forgetting about them. It is penultimately broken down into chemicals and adulterates our food, water, and land.

In 2021, the practice remains much the same. The massive waste generated due to a nation's growth is undeniable and slowly it reveals itself through uncontrolled landfill mountains. It was through this sustainable distress and trying to solve a global problem, the seed of 3RM was planted.

Manish and Paras had a cushioned software venture expertise in enterprise solutions. The belly sting for involving themselves into a more impactful and purposeful cause, where they could fusion their knowledge in technology and indigenous solutions carved the base for 3RM.

Today 3RM is one of the pioneers in India's waste management game and its thought leadership. Their model is deep-rooted and resonates with the government's sustainable goals.

Having removed close to 1 hundred thousand metric tonnes of waste so far from India, 3RM is a solution first company enabling modern technologies and spirit to curb the waste management problem in the world.

3RM constantly innovates models and platforms to enable a vision of a litter-free society and works across channels to inject the DNA of zero-waste in society.

We Reach Heights
Improving Landfills

One Feet At A Time

We are the first company to set up a waste processing plant and a scientific landfill at a height of 13,000 + feet. Each day the waste of the gorgeous yet tough hill city is transported and processed at this facility which is completely off grid and being operated on solar energy.

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Manish is a solution addict that hunts problems to solve in the waste management space. He works with clients firsthand to lay out the plan for your waste management challenge.

He has received enormous recognition and accolades for his thought-leadership in the waste management space. He understands and empathizes with the puzzle clients are trying to solve and he fancies himself as the missing piece. 

Manish Pathak

MD & Co-Founder

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Paras Arora

Paras believes in the extravagant power of collaborating and streamlining passions to make a difference. With a thorough pedigree in the waste management space, Paras leads 3RM's operations and expansion initiatives. 

He admires the race of technologies and is keen to identify, prioritize and implement next-generation technologies that would shape the future of a clean ecosystem.

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CEO & Co-Founder

Mrinal Sinha

Advisor on Board

Mrinal is a seasoned leader in enabling 3RM in investor relations, new business, strategy, organization and M&A.

He has been an advisor to multiple CEO's in India who yearn to make an impact in the business they are in

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Dev Prakash Sharma

Director & Engineering Chief

An IIT Kanpur Alumni, Dev brings his engineering, operational and analytical experience into the team.


He is responsible for enabling clients with sustainable plans leveraging engineering excellence

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Manisha Sharma

Director & Head- PR, Marketing

Manisha keeps the Huss and Buzz alive of 3RM through external channels. A key knack for spreading the word, where it matters, Manisha enables 3RM to acquire & maintain visibility for the work and achievements it brings in.

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Paritosh Sharma

Advisor on Board

Paritosh in the daily world goes by the title of ;Chief Learning Officer'. He believes learning  is a perennial process of evolution and it's application depends on situations & objectives in hand. He aids 3RM in ensuring the 'value proposition' enriches with each project, month and year

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Manager- Plants & Operations


Project Head

Mr.Yogesh Nagesh Mishra.png

Office Coordinator


Executive Sales

Ms Radha Jha, Asst Manager- Purchase & Admin.png

Asst Manager- Purchasing & Admin

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Asst Manager- Accounts

Our Approach

Address Pain Points

Understand key paint-points of the customer and design a strategic framework to address challenges head-on

Define, articulate and deliver on the economic, tactical and ecological imperatives of each project. Not shying going the extra mile is NOT in our DNA

Ensure Outcomes

Raw passion - In consulting, In execution, and in service. We are competitive in pricing but greedy about the environment


Our Aim Is to Eliminate Waste

No Solid Waste. No Wasted Time. No Wasted Resources. No Wasted Energy

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