Waste Odor Remdediation

3R Naturals Odor Remediation Concentrate is a broad-spectrum odor neutralizer that permanently removes odors caused by smoke, pets, garbage, pet urine, sports equipment, decomposition, and more.

Waste Water Treatment

Good wastewater treatment requires appropriate technologies, but also proper application. After performing a full system audit and all requisite testing, 3R will customize a treatment program that optimizes chemical usage, effluent flow rates, and off-site treatment costs. No matter what your industry, 3R will select the optimal organic and inorganic chemicals to reduce your discharge costs and optimize your effluent system.

Cooling Water Treatment

Experience has taught us that no two industrial cooling water systems are alike. Each system is impacted by the raw water source, air quality, flow rates, metallurgy, temperatures, humidity, operating procedures, and a host of other factors. There is no one size fits all solution – the best cooling water treatment programs are tailored to fit each system.

Our treatment programs start with an assessment of the process, water chemistry, cooling requirements and metallurgy in your system, which allows us to determine whether there is a tendency to corrode, scale, foul, or a combination of the three. Our cooling water green chemical programmes are effectively used for the reduction and prevention of these issues in industrial cooling water systems.