Waste to Energy Process

We offer turnkey systems using patented process designs for the destruction of problematic waste streams for the conversion of feedstock to syngas and for the vitrification of problematic inorganic waste streams.

A full range of services, from economic and feasibility analyses through engineering design, fabrication, assembly, permitting, operation and maintenance of turnkey systems, our systems are tailored to meet our customer’s needs.

The technology is proven in US and other parts of the world is optimized for the production of high-quality syngas which can be converted into a variety of products including electric power, ultra-low sulfur synthetic liquid fuels (Clean Fuels), hydrogen, and chemicals through the use of commercially available downstream processes.

Benefits vs Combustion/Incineration –

• Increased power production / efficiency – 15 to 20% more power per ton

• Reduced GHG production

• Lower pollutant emissions – 10 times lower

• Cleaner residues/slag that can be reused

• Can produce biofuels in addition to power

• WTE is compatible with recycling programs