Composting Machine

GreenRE™ (M), organic waste re-processor decomposes all type of food waste into compost using the BIRR™ Technology within 24 hours with a volume reduction of 80-90%.

The BIRR™ – Bioremediation with Intermittent Rotating Reactor technology simulates the natural microbial and climatic environment for the waste to decompose fast and maintaining a healthy carbon nitrogen ratios. The controlled intermittent microbial dosing ensures proper biological activity in the simulated surroundings and the seeding process helps in the prolonged decomposition.


  • biological simulation
  • climatic simulation
  • zero noise & odor
  • PLC & internet of things
  • mobile app
Composting Machine


The solution is custom designed as per the quantity of waste to be recovered ranging from as low as 25 kg per day to hundreds of tons per day.