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Bio CNG is the purified form of Biogas where all the unwanted gases are removed to produce >95% pure methane gas. Bio CNG is exactly similar to the commercially available natural gas in its composition and energy potential.

Smart BioCNG+ is based on SCRM™ (Stage Controlled Reacting Microbes) is 3 times faster, twice as efficient than any other BioCNG system. High speed digestion matters because the more quickly the system produces gas, more gas can be generated per day and therefore more savings for the clients. The microbial intervention is designed scientifically as per the feedstock characteristics to ensure the maximum output.

The CO2 recovery through refining process increases efficiency and output by almost 20% to 25%.


High speed digestion: the speed of digestion plays an important role. The quick and fast digestion based on dry thermophilic reaction is the key technology win for the overall solution.

Compact, plug & play:  the component are compact and pre-fabricated. The system is easy to install.

Skid mounted & portable: there is no need of civil structures as the components are skid mounted and can be ported easily if the need arises. The 1 Ton/day plant approximately takes 10 Sqm of space and it can even be installed on the roof.

Zero odor & noise: the operation are almost noise and odorless due to integrated system.

Remote monitoring on Mobile App: the internet of things helps in remotely monitoring the system health and preventive maintenance.

BioCNG production if the food waste quality is good (means it is not rotten and timely recovered), the output production is 160 cubic meter of bioCNG which is 70 Kg LPG equivalent with a calorific value upto 11000 KJ/Kg.

Smart bioCNG+


The solution is custom designed as per the quantity of waste to be recovered ranging from as low as 5-10 kg per day to hundreds of tons per day.