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Smart bioCNG+

Bio CNG is the purified form of Biogas where all the unwanted gases are removed to produce >95% pure methane gas. Bio CNG is exactly similar to the commercially available natural gas in its composition and energy potential. Smart BioCNG+ is based on SCRM™ (Stage Controlled Reacting Microbes) is 3 times faster, twice as efficient as any other BioCNG system.


Smart bioCNG+ is designed for restaurant, supermarket, hotel or residential apartment to treat kitchen wastes; for food factory to treat food wastes, for livestock farm to treat manure, agriculture wastes / horticulture wastes and Septage treatment plant in various capacities and sizes.

Salient Features

The speed of digestion plays an important role. The quick and fast digestion based on dry thermophilic reaction is the key technology win for the overall solution.

The component is compact and pre-fabricated. The system is easy to install.

There is no need of civil structures as the components are skid mounted and can be ported easily if the need arises. The 1 Ton/day plant approximately takes 10 Sqm of space and it can even be installed on the roof.

The operations are almost noise and odorless due to integrated system.

mobile app

Provides remote monitoring of the system parameters and analytics including the carbon footprint via IOT and cloud server.