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Municipalities Waste Solutions

Creating safe, sustainable environments for residents and local businesses – 3R Management partners with municipalities across the country to lead the way in environmentally responsible waste removal and disposal.

We work  with municipalities like yours and help them in addressing the complete lifecycle of waste management through advanced technology solutions from garbage compaction, smart collection and transport stations, waste recovery solutions to engineered landfills ultimately to reduce green house gases to the maximum.

A general description of the municipal waste management system at city and ULB level.

Service Portfolio

  • Smart waste collection of MSW
  • Mechanized Road sweeping
  • Transportation of MSW using hi-tech fleet and logistics
  • Engineered Sanitary Landfills with MSW rules
  • Waste Processing & Recovery (MSW, Bio Medical & Hazardous waste)
  • Mechanized Refuse Transfer station
  • Construction debris processing
  • All kind of Municipal Solid Waste infrastructure supply & Set up

The smart waste collection system is a set of advanced compactors, dumpsters connected with sensors and managed with a proprietary waste collection efficiency software.