Industrial effluent contains varied range of impurities which is why every case needs a specific treatment. Further there is always an improvisation on emission limit allowed during the course of time. Not only now these constraints have to be addressed but better science is required to recover the waste as much as possible due to scarcity of resources especially in the developing countries.

Water is an important production factor. In industry water is required that corresponds with the differing needs of respective processes. The spectrum of industrial water ranges from cooling and boiler feed water in power stations and process water for a wide range of industrial uses to ultra pure water for the electronics and pharmaceutical, food, leather & coffee industries.

Our solution not only addresses to treat the industrial effluent but also recovers it for the critical industrial processes requiring potable water, we even recover what people call a dead water. This impacts the overall water and business economy at large.

We can deploy a tailor-made solution for each specific task.

Our solutions are scientifically designed for toughest effluents in industries –