Implementing an eco-friendly 3R Naturals Cleaning Program through range of 'Power n Shine' can help differentiate your company or business from others and create better positioning and prospects. You proudly convey your committment and values by adapting to 3R Naturals complete organic cleaning agents for various purposes. Designed to meet the unique challenges of commercial cleaning, these high- performance cleaners are naturally derived — formulated with plant-and mineral-based ingredients, including essential oils. Everyone benefits from a healthy indoor environment. With no harsh chemical fumes, you can maintain good indoor air quality and create a more pleasant workspace for employees and staff.

The LEED program gives credit for green cleaning, which can help boost a facility’s potential for LEED certification and related government incentives.

• All Purpose Cleaner
• Floor Cleaner
• Carpet Cleaner
• Laminates
• Glass & Windows
• Window & Glass Cleaner
• Scale Remover