Next-generation organic formulation technology, manufactured exclusively from all-natural and renewable ingredients, 3R Naturals products' unique formulations achieves what others only hope to be.
Green and Effective !
Manufactured from fruits, vegetables, other plant-based ingredients and specialty microbial strains 3R Natural activates powerful traits inherent in nature itself, creating a safer & healthy environment in a totally new organic way.
This breakthrough technology provides many benefits throughout all aspects of water treatment, odor management, agriculture and cleaning applications.

3R Naturals product range is USDA certified and Hypoallergenic, Non-Toxic, Natural Plant Extract,  pH Balanced

Non toxic mosquito control

Mosquito Management

USDA certified Non-toxic, Non-chemical, Plant Extract based Eco-friendly Formulations used in a scientific manner during monsoon, pre-monsoon & post monsoon. Reduces water surface tension – drowns Larvae breeding, induces damaging morphological changes in Larvae.

Odor Management

Powerful Odor, H2S and  Neutralizer. 3R Naturals Odor Kill is a broad-spectrum odor neutralizer that permanently removes odor from various sources. Naturally eliminate odor without the use of harsh, synthetic chemicals or masking.  Applicable for garbage, trash cans, smoke, pets, pet urine, pet areas, sports equipment, decomposition, Linens, bedding, clothing, sofas, carpets, curtains, car seats kitchen, bathrooms etc.

Odor Management
3R Naturals Compost Activator

Compost Activator

3R Naturals Compost Activator is sprayed on the trash/waste, the formulation carries out a slow process of decomposition. During this time large number of microorganisms will colonize in the soil and will secrete amino acids, enzymes and hormones along with micronutrients and beneficial bio chemicals. It enriches the soil fertility and enhances the soil micro flora thereby enabling reduction in chemical fertilizer inputs and other expensive agro-input. It also provides resistance to the soil and crop by developing strong biological control agents and provides protection.

Waste Water Treatment

Good wastewater treatment requires appropriate technologies, but also proper application. After performing a full system audit and all requisite testing, 3R will customize a treatment program that optimizes chemical usage, effluent flow rates, and off-site treatment costs. No matter what your industry, 3R will select the optimal organic and inorganic chemicals to reduce your discharge costs and optimize your effluent system.

3R Naturals Waste Water
3R Naturals Cleaning & Janitorial
3R Naturals Cleaning & Janitorial 2

Cleaning & Janitorial

Implementing an eco-friendly 3R Naturals Cleaning Program through range of 'Power n Shine' can help differentiate your company or business from others and create better positioning and prospects. You proudly convey your committment and values by adapting to 3R Naturals complete organic cleaning agents for various purposes. Designed to meet the unique challenges of commercial cleaning, these high- performance cleaners are naturally derived — formulated with plant-and mineral-based ingredients, including essential oils. Everyone benefits from a healthy indoor environment. With no harsh chemical fumes, you can maintain good indoor air quality and create a more pleasant workspace for employees and staff.

The LEED program gives credit for green cleaning, which can help boost a facility’s potential for LEED certification and related government incentives. Power & Shine is available as -

• All Purpose Cleaner
• Floor Cleaner
• Carpet Cleaner
• Laminates
• Glass & Windows
• Scale Remover