With the introduction of its next-generation organic formulation technology, manufactured exclusively from all-natural and renewable ingredients, 3R Naturals unique formulations for Agriculture achieve what others only hope to be.

At 3R Naturals, we are committed to providing high performing, bio-based products that promote plant health and manage weeds, pests and plant diseases in a broad range of fruit, vegetable, grain, and nut crops as well as for turf and ornamentals.

Based on recent advances in all-natural technologies, 3R Naturals Agriculture range unleashes the intrinsic power of nature to deliver an unprecedented new level of clean & organic additives for crops and land productivity, while reducing operating costs and increasing production upto 300% or more.

Manufactured from fruits, vegetables, other plant-based ingredients and specialty microbial strains 3R Naturals technology provides powerful activation and neutralizing traits inherent in nature itself, creating a safer, more effective method of agricultural farming in a totally new organic way.

• Humates
• Advanced Bio Fertilizers
• Advanced Bio Fungicides
• Advanced Bio Insecticides
• Organic Megagrow
• Advanced Seedcoating Compost Activator