Zero River

Waste Management Solutions

Today, waste, water & energy can all be recovered transforming what is discarded into a valuable resource.

3R embraces this future by developing sustainable solutions to reprocess reject at a point it originates, thereby preserving and replenishing the world’s resources and reducing carbon footprint. We are pioneer in decentralized, compact, energy efficient and remotely monitored solutions.


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Waste Water Recovery

bioAqueous™ is bio-digestor based on attached growth process by using ....


Waste To Energy

We offer turnkey systems using patented process designs for the destruction of problematic waste …


Smart Bio CNG+

Bio CNG is the purified form of Biogas where all the unwanted gases are removed to produce >95% pure methane gas. Bio CNG is exactly …


Industrial Effluent Treatment

Industrial effluent contains varied range of impurities which is why every case needs a specific treatment...


Waste Odor Removal

3R Naturals Odor Remediation Concentrate is a broad-spectrum odor neutraliser that


Retrofitting Waste & Water Treatment Plants

3R also offers operations & maintenance services for plants that...



I appreciate the team’s commitment towards project deployed with NDMC. Whenever I meet them, I get impressed with their ideas and passion for environment.

Neeraj Bharti, Project Director, NDMC

 They are converting our societies and malls to ECOSMART Campus. The residents are very happy and we are able to make a mark in the industry.

CMD, BSE listed Real Est. Company